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  • Atina Dimitrova

Celebrities and COVID-19: what role should they play?

Since the spread of COVID-19 around the world, life as we know it has changed utterly. Most major countries have faced some kind of lockdown, with shops and businesses closed.

People confined to their homes living in fear of where the virus might strike next, and all of us getting used to a world where we have had to live at a different pace. For some people, used to the kind of lifestyle interacting with people, it has been a real adjustment. And for one group it has been more difficult than most, even if we are all in it together…

Success for celebrities is often dependent on their ability to be both aspirational and approachable, but lockdown has exposed the gulf between them and us. So how can celebrities operate in these extraordinary times?

In today's episode, we talk to Dr Ben Falk, author of Celebrity Journalism: How to Make it Your Career and the biographer of Robert Downey Junior and Brian Cox for his perspective.

Presented by: Dr. Glenda Cooper and Dr. Lindsey Blumell

Produced by: Atina Dimitrova

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