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  • Atina Dimitrova

Life for refugees and asylum seekers during lockdown

In today’s episode we catch up with two London refugees who have had to leave the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. Abdulwahab Tahhan is currently staying with family in Turkey. He is a journalist and a graduate of the Refugee Journalism Project. Zozan Yasar is also with family in Edinburgh. She is a journalist too, and before coming to the UK, she worked for Voice of America and Kurdish media outlets.

Compared to the life threatening situations, which forced asylum seekers to leave their home country for the UK, current self-isolation may be more comfortable… but it doesn’t mean conditions are not difficult.

And during this time of disruption, London’s high rents and often cramped quarters means that for some refugees like Zozan and Abdul the option seems to be leaving… For others it is to share their hostel accommodations with even more people putting themselves at increased risk of contracting coronavirus.

Presented by: Dr. Glenda Cooper and Dr. Lindsey Blumell

Produced by: Atina Dimitrova

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