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  • Atina Dimitrova

Robert Peston: Why I still believe in impartiality in news

The ITV political editor gives the 2020 Hugh Cudlipp Lecture

A poll on Talk radio explores the perennial question of whether the BBC is biased as all public service broadcasters in the UK are required to show due impartiality in their news reporting. In today’s episode, we discuss how this is something that has been fought over from the beginning.

What role should impartiality play in journalism in a world where anyone can broadcast? Was there a confusion between due impartiality and balance? Can any journalist really be impartial?

This special edition of The Knowhow is a recording of the Hugh Cudlipp lecture at City, University of London where ITV’s political editor Robert Peston talks about the role of impartiality in news. Peston, a former distinguished print journalist and economics editor of the BBC, has been a key figure in journalism for several decades. In this lecture he looks at the challenges broadcasters face in reporting politics and economics and his own experiences.

Please note this lecture does contain strong language that is only suitable for an adult audience.

Presented by: Dr. Glenda Cooper and Dr. Lindsey Blumell

Produced by: Atina Dimitrova

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