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  • Atina Dimitrova

What's wrong with political correctness?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

We live in an age where free speech, according to some, is increasingly at odds with political correctness. Whether it’s Donald Trump telling four American congresswomen to “go back” to the countries “from which they came”, or Boris Johnson’s description of burqa wearers as “letter boxes”, some politicians appear more interested in inflaming public feeling than in moderating their language.

But what’s wrong with political correctness and does it need defending?

In today’s episode we are joined by a panel of expert witnesses for a vigorous debate on the history of political correctness and the so-called ‘free speech crisis’.

Our special guest host is Dr Mark Honigsbaum, Lecturer in Journalism, City, University of London.

The event features:  

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Sunday Times columnist and author of In Defence of Political Correctness. Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday columnist and author of The Abolition of Britain. Andrew Doyle, Spiked columnist and author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. Chair: Dr Mark Honigsbaum, Lecturer in Journalism, City, University of London

Presented by: Dr. Glenda Cooper and Dr. Lindsey Blumell

Produced by: Atina Dimitrova

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